Ready to stop letting fear have the upper hand?

Believe You Are A Co-Creator | Name Your Fears | Identify Y0ur Limiting Beliefs | Launch Your One-Of-A-Kind Dream With Clear Next Steps

Letting Fear Have The Final Word Kills Dreams

  • Is there a dream that you've buried?
  • Have others told you to give it up?
  • Is the pressure of making a "living" keeping you from pursuing it?
What is the Dream Accelerator?

The Dream Accelerator Community is an amazing tribe of dreamers who are pursuing their dreams. It includes:

  • one 30 minute Dream Discovery Call helping you nail down YOUR dream, followed by a...
  • 30 minute Dream Demonstration Call clearly articulating your unique Dream Realization Statement (5 years out), identifying your risks, and discovering the genesis story of your dream (so much fun!).
  • a one day, onsite, facilitated workshop.
  • two follow-up check-in sessions.
  • membership in our Dream Accelerator Facebook Group.

People who have participated in the Dream Accelerator have taken their fuzzy dream that seemed impossible and turned into a reality that they are eagerly pursuing. They have clarified their dream, and sparked a genuine passion to pursue it! 

I'm a [insert title here]. Will the Dream Accelerator work for me?

We have got happy Dream Accelerator alumni all over the US.

Here's a sampling of their roles:

author, educator | yoga instructor, legacy planner + mother who desires to serve families impacted by critical illness, father who wants to create a movement of helping boys grow into the DNA of true manhood | composer, podcaster + pastor, wellness coach, intelligence provocateur | marketing strategist, musician/ songwriter + aspiring B& B owner, life coach, consultant | parenting coach, family therapist.

In other words, the Dream Accelerator works for those who will roll up their sleeves and do the work that is right in front of them!

They have all acknowledged their fear and have decided to #moveforwardanyway.

***November 1st Cohort NOW ENROLLING!!***


Begin Your Exciting Adventure Forward, Schedule Your FREE Dream Discovery Call


This free, 30-minute call is the "pre-requisite" to attending the Dream Accelerator. 

"It's impossible to pursue your dream until you've articulated the dream so clearly that the pain of NOT pursuing the dream is greater than the potential pain of moving forward."

The Dream Discovery Call will deliver your dream in high resolution!


  • No risk
  • 30-minutes
  • Your dream in high resolution

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NEXT ONE-DAY Workshop November 1st

On the beautiful campus of Concordia University-Mequon, WI (North of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan)

  • A few seats are still open. Enroll now while you still can.                                                                                                                    
  • Accelerate YOUR dream by clarifying it, and developing YOUR unique action plan to realize it. 
  • Get started today with a FREE Dream Discovery Call. I will help you articulate YOUR dream in high-resolution!


Do You Have Voices In Your Head Telling You...


"Give up! It's not going to work."



"You can't make a living that way!"


"There are other more important things to do first. Maybe later."



There are other voices! There is another option.

YOUR dream can live! The world will be a better place for it.

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What if you DID pursue your dream?

Dare to imagine. Suspend disbelief for a moment and picture it!


What would your life look like if...

  • your dream was not a wild-hare idea?

  • you could crystalize your dream?

  • you could pursue your dream with concrete next steps?

  • you were actively employing practical solutions when you got stuck?

  • you had a creative and supportive group of 10-20 other dreamers with you on your journey?

  • you had valuable insight from a dream team who have pursued their own dreams successfully?

  • you had numerous creative ideas to help you develop your specific "dream pursuit plan"?  


Accelerate YOUR Dream And Experience...

...the power of your own high-resolution dream.



...the exhilaration of a 5-year vivid description of your own dream making it impossible to not pursue it. to help you move your high-resolution dream from your head & heart into an actionable plan.


...a proven system that you will implement long after the workshop.


...the freedom of focus on your next steps in pursuit of your dream. coaching with members of Jeff's team.


...follow-up mutual accountability in our Facebook community.


The Dream Accelerator has provided a wise, supportive framework to dream and move froward anyway.
Kendra and Shawn Limback-Headshot

Kendra Limback Teacher

The Dream Accelerator will help make your dream actionable. Prioritization was key for me. Also, networking with wonderful, motivated, committed people.
Charles Long Headshot

Charles Long Author

Tremendously beneficial! I was able to organize the ideas and gifts rumbling around in my head; and put them into a logical, organized actionable plan.
Dream Accelerator-Robert Nowak

Robert Nowak Educator

The Dream Accelerator was just what I needed to really put a concrete plan into place for my dream. I had long been envisioning my dream, but the Dream Accelerator put me in contact with many support systems that made my dream obtainable. I'm also grateful for the support system and the follow up that has kept me accountable and on-track. I highly recommend the Dream Accelerator to anyone who is looking to take their dream and turn it into reality.
Christy Call Headshot

Christy Call Educator

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