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What To Do When You Keep Trying To Talk Yourself Out Of Your Dream


 I remember the moments when I kept trying to push away my goal of writing my book. Every time I would sit down to actually write I would allow the negative self-talk overwhelm me. I even adopted a term for this. I call it giving in to the "second voice."

The first voice says, "Go for it!" "Give it a shot." "Let's do this."

The second voice... "Who are you to think YOU can do this?" "It'll never work." "It's too much of a risk."


It can be hard to make any progress when:

  • the second voice is pushing out the first.
  • you choose to believe and obey the second voice, instead of trusting the first.
  • you keep talking yourself out of what you know you MUST do!

This Second Voice is one of THE biggest enemies of your dream. It might be THE source of YOUR delay.

That is what motivated me to write my book "Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute: Tools to Spark Your Dream And Ignite Your Follow-Through", and launch the Dream Accelerator!

Are you noticing that second voice whispering in your ear as you read this post? Could you relate? The second voice still whispers in MY ear, but I have learned a sneaky little secret that has helped me #moveforwardanyway.

A trusted friend mirrored my dream back to me.

He stated my dream with such clarity back to me that I actually got excited about pursuing it. I like to call this my dream in high resolution. My friend actually gave me a gift that I have adopted as a prop to remind me of the reality of my dream.

Here's the deal with dreams. They exist in the future, so they are not real.


YET, my friend MADE IT REAL FOR ME.         

This is the sneaky little secret.



It’s impossible to pursue your dream until you’ve articulated the dream so clearly that the pain of NOT pursuing the dream is greater than the potential pain of moving forward.



This is why I created the Dream Accelerator. And, in particular, the FREE 30 minute calls I am calling the Dream Discovery and Dream Demonstration Calls.


You can schedule yours here.


Now is the best time...because the world needs your dream to live.

  • What's at stake if it doesn't?
  • And, what will happen to it if you don't make it real today?

When people wait they are left wallowing under the influence of that second voice!


Set YOUR Dream Free With The Simple Practice Of A Positive Reframe Like #moveforwardanyway (Clone)

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