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What Pursuing a Dream to Help Immigrant Mothers Build a Cooking Business Taught Me About Moving Forward Through Fear

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What would you pursue if you weren't afraid? What would you do if you had nothing to lose?

Shake off the inhibiting voices from the past. Take that next step. Seek out a supportive community like our Dream Accelerator and #moveforwardanyway

Enjoy this conversation I had with Paul Castiglione. You can also join Paul's Open Kitchen's Project Facebook Group.

Here are three helpful observations I made from this courageous man!

1) Dreams are often born out of pain.

2) Pain and suffering can reconnect us with our innate calling that has been buried under obligation and expectation/ trying to please others.

3) Safe relationships lived in authentic community are a must to help us break out.#moveforwardanyway

What are your observations?

A "Fear Not Dream Big & Execute" Story
It's Only Crazy Until You Do It.

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