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Two Simple Steps To Your Dream Recovery




Acknowledging the struggle that attaches itself to the pursuit of your dream is the first step in recovery--dream recovery.

Choosing a solution to overcome that struggle is the second.

What do you struggle with when it comes to pursuing YOUR dream?

(answers include...too busy, not practical, won't help me make a living, people will think it's stupid, I might fail, it's too big a risk, lack of skill/knowledge/money, the dream is way too big-there's no way)

Which of these solutions sounds most appealing to you?                 

–– a. Ignore that relentless voice in your head and try to move on from it. (suppress it)

–– b. Keep the dream a secret because it will probably sound silly, irrational, impractical, or worse, reckless. (belittle it)

–– c. Keep working to support someone else's dream and get to the end of your life wondering what if.  (avoid it)

–– d. Take a bold step and #moveforwardanyway with the struggle in tow and see what might happen. (stay curious)

These are actual struggles and solutions that participants in the Dream Accelerator have uncovered.

As a part of our one-of-a-kind process, Dream Accelerator alumni are identifying their underlying limiting beliefs. They have chosen (d). 

The result?

They are reframing their limiting beliefs about themselves, their dreams, their capacity....with a courage-inducing slogan that spurs them on to #moveforwardanyway.

The result?

Dreams are coming true! Joy is being experienced. People are being set free. New insights, products, creations, relationships, service, help, health, and healing are being unleashed on our world.

The next cohort of the Dream Accelerator is enrolling now. Seats are limited. And they are filling up. So how about choosing (d) and join our team of Dream Catalysts and unleash yours?

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