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The 3 Steps of The Dream Circle And Why They Are the Antidote To What's Keeping You From Pursuing Your Dream


I'll never forget the moment when my mentor PG (Pastor Goodsman) encouraged me to press on and not give up.

I felt so much pressure to simply fall in line with the expectations of my tribe. It was killing me. He reminded me of who I was, how I was uniquely gifted, and reassured me that my dreams were Divine Sparks. Long before I realized it, he embedded in me the 3 steps of what I now refer to as the Dream Circle. These 3 steps provide the antidote to what keeps us from pursuing our dreams.


I wrote my book and launched the Dream Accelerator to help you:

  • Listen for the inspiration of YOUR Divine Spark
  • Trust that your dream has been given to you
  • Envision the future in high resolution


I refer to these three steps as the Dream Circle.



Think about these three steps in your own life. What gets in the way of listening? What is your MO (mode of operation) in terms of what you think about your dream? And, can you paint a picture of a desired future in which your dream is being realized?

  • Instead of listening for inspiration, we listen to reason, listen to the voices of doubters (both inside our own heads & those who would have us NOT pursue our dream). Add to this the reality that many of us invest very little precious time to actually listen to the Divine Voice. We're too busy working at making a living.
  • Instead of trusting that our dream has been given as a gift, we diminish or delay the pursuit of our dreams by allowing doubts to fill our minds and overwhelm any thought of Divine Gift. 
  • Instead of envisioning the future, we glorify the present and poo poo the future. We allow the future to be controlled by
    happenstance, and not by the Divine Portrait.



I am eternally grateful for the support PG afforded me.

That's what motivates me every day to assist others like YOU to realize YOUR Dream! I want to see the sparks of your dreams spread like wildfire in a world that desperately needs what your dream has to offer.

It's precisely WHY I wrote my book and launched the Dream Accelerator!



A new Cohort of the Dream Accelerator is currently enrolling.

Space is limited.


Find out more HERE



Please, don't delay any longer what God has given you to do.

Let my dream team support you like PG supported me!


I do realize the realities that you face. I understand the pressures of time, finances, family situations, uncontrollable circumstances that seem to be keeping you from moving forward. I understand the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. And, I fully grasp the reality that most of the obstacles that are keeping you from jumping in and pursuing your dream are contained within the 6 inches between your ears. Ouch! 


We can help with that. 

To begin contemplating this reality today, would you take some time to listen for inspiration and journal a bit on this question and let me know what you think by commenting on this post?


Here's the question: What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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