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Set YOUR Dream Free With The Simple Practice Of A Positive Reframe Like #moveforwardanyway


The journey toward the realization of our dreams is easily cluttered with limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs flow from fear. These silent killers embed themselves in our minds without challenge. They keep us from moving forward. Here's a few we discovered at the Dream Accelerator 1-day Workshop.

  • Discouragement (when obstacles arise you are quick to talk yourself out of it)
  • Doubt (that you are the one to carry this out, that you are capable)
  • Distraction (doing non-essentials and avoiding dream essentials)
  • Defeat (focus on failure and not on progress)
  • Delay (keep kicking the can down the road)

These popular "D's" will come, and, they will remain.

Which D is your most common dream nemesis?

One of the most surprising things for me, and most rewarding, is to see how powerful a hashtag like #moveforwardanyway is proving to be for our Dream Accelerator participants.

#moveforwardanyway has become much more than a tagline. It is being activated as a positive reframe to the self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that those in our workshop have been carrying around in their heads. Some, for a very long time.

How cool was it for me to see dreams unlocked and set free with the simple practice of creating a personal, positive reframe!

By the way,  I have launched a 3-part video course entitled "Fear Not". You can get it here.










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