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Reviews Are Coming In For "Fear Not"


I am grateful for the reviews that are starting to come in on Amazon. Here are some snippets:

" I love that this book is written/meant to help leaders see our walk with God for what it is. Being a leader is not clean, a walk on God’s path is not easy and there are days when it feels like you’re stuck in the mud."

"Jeff writes with an honesty and excitement that is boundless. His approach to identifying and fulfilling your dreams is fresh and exciting. He also writes in a way that you just want to meet up with him over a cup of coffee and be inspired by his passion and enthusiasm!"

"The real power of this book and the personal transformation that can occur are in the questions. And, the answers you provide to the questions posed. Try this ... read this book!"

"Jeff's book is excellent. I lead innovative teams. The book speaks in a voice pointed at those with religious conviction but that is because his primary audience has that as a fundamental part of their inner strength and fear. Dreams that are brought into existence come from that place."

If you would like to add yours to the list of reviews, you can do so by clicking this link. 


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