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Overcome Delay With This Simple Step

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What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Seriously. Suspend disbelief and speak it out. 

What ideas have been entertaining? What bold venture have you been dreaming about?

During my recent string of Discovery/ Demonstration Calls I have begun learning some important lessons that I would like to share with you.

Lesson 1:  Realizing your dream can produce something in this world that is distinctly you.

Recently I posted on Instagram: "If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs."

Here's the reality. The longer you wait to pursue your idea, or take the next step toward your dream, the longer the world waits to experience the blessing of your unique thumbprint.


The Enemy of Your Dream is DELAY

What is the source of your delay?


At its core it's fear at some level, but I would like to share with you THE REASON why you are afraid to pursue your dream.


I remember the moments when I kept trying to push away my goal of writing my book. Every time I would sit down to actually write I would allow the negative self-talk overwhelm me. I even adopted a term for this. I call it giving in to the "second voice."


The first voice says, "Go for it!" "Give it a shot." "Let's do this."

The second voice... "Who are you to think YOU can do this?" "It'll never work." "It's too much of a risk."


It can be hard to make any progress when:

  • the second voice is pushing out the first.
  • you choose to believe and obey the second voice, instead of trusting the first.
  • you keep talking yourself out of what you know you MUST do!

This Second Voice is one of THE biggest enemies of your dream.

It might be THE source of YOUR delay.


That is what motivated me to write my book "Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute: Tools to Spark Your Dream And Ignite Your Follow-Through", and launch the Dream Accelerator


I think I have discovered THE way to silence the second voice. It has been a huge a-ha moment for me. You won't believe how simple it is! 

Take 30 minutes to share your dream with someone. That's it. Simple as that.


Sharing your first voice with an interested supporter is the best thing you can do with those voices!


Book a free Discovery Call with me right now, and do just that. Share your dream.  

Sign-up here!



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