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Words of Praise for Fear Not Dream Big & Execute

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I am excited and humbled by the early response to my book.


Here are a few of those testimonials from leaders who have read the unedited version of Fear Not Dream Big & Execute

For every book I have read that inspired... yet left me motionless, I have read another that directed... yet found me emotionless. In Fear Not Dream Big & Execute, Jeff Meyer successfully stokes a raging God-fire of mission from the cooling embers of calling, especially for those suffering the winds of Sunday-to-Sunday survival. Street-level practicality walks hand in hand with rare-air creativity in every lesson, challenging the reader to be more, not just do more. I can easily see this book being a go-to leadership resource on my bedside table for years of ministry to come.

- Bryan Rose, Auxano Lead Navigator, co-founder of Family Younique

I am thrilled to have a Christian resource that challenges believers to throw off fear and to courageously dream and live as our Creator intended.  It is both inspiring and practical. It is a tool I intend to use for myself and to share.-

--Anneke Hudson, author, Bevilacqua: Christian meditations for young women


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From the outside a walk with the Lord can look like God has us in a grand field where his sheep play and feed in the fresh green grass and drink by cool waters.  Reality is, there are some days where that pasture is a wet, soggy, hill side where the shepherd can’t help but get his boots so stuck in the slop as he walks, that they literally can get pulled right off of his feet.   I love that this book is meant to help shepherds/pastors/lay people see our walk with God for what it is. Ministry is not clean, a walk on God’s path is not easy and there are days when it feels like you’re stuck in the mud.  

I read this book and looked at it as a little help for me on those days when I am stuck. The lessons, images, and exercises are meant to take hold of individually on the days when you need to be picked up and moved to dry ground.  That is what I found in this book. It is a book of hope and inspiration to give me a push, or a nudge to get going again as my wheels are spinning in the mud.

-Pastor Anthony Kobak, The Hanover Lutheran Church

God has given us so much creativity and so much permission. A gifted leader and thinker like Jeff is the perfect guide to help us pursue our biggest dreams by giving us practical questions, tools and steps to follow. If you are hoping to make a big impact in the world for the kingdom of God, this book is perfect for you."

- Adam Griffin Lead Pastor of Eastside Community Church, a church plant of The Village Church in Dallas Texas

Perhaps you feel you are merely surviving, perpetually dreaming that there must be something more for me. Perhaps you are thriving, having discovered and living your vision. Or perhaps you are somewhere in between; you have a dream but feel stuck, unable to make it happen. No matter where you are in this spectrum, you will find inspiration and insight in this thoughtful Biblically-grounded book that will help you discover, execute, and really live your God-given vision. Along with inspiration, this book is replete with practical tools to help you make your dream your reality … and stay focused. Dive into this accessible tool and you will be inspired to dream BIG, be bold, discover, and fulfill your vision by living out your unique gifts and passions.

Cheryl Marting, Communication and Team Building Specialist

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