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It's Only Crazy Until You Do It.

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Nike is given new life to their #JustDoIt campaign. And, it has legs. Grabbing the attention of a nation as a new NFL season kicks off tomorrow night is a bold business risk. They certainly must have done their market research. They are in the business of making money after all. 


Consider these stats:

"Even on the Labor Day holiday, Nike dominated social media. There were 3.4 million mentions of Nike on Twitter in the first 21 hours after Kaepernick tweeted the initial ad, social media management tool Sprinklr said. The #JustDoIt hashtag had more than 400,000 mentions; #BoycottNike and #Nikeboycott combined to have garnered more than 120,000 mentions. Kaepernick had 1.5 million mentions over that time period, Sprinklr data revealed."  Read the entire article HERE 

Kneeling or not-kneeling is not the point of this post. Dreaming is.

Consider the dreaming lexicon in this short 2 minute video add:

     "So, don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are crazy enough."

     "It's only crazy until you do it."

To #JustDoIt one needs to #moveforwardanyway

To #moveforwardanyway one needs a supportive community.       Who is yours?


No one just does it alone.

I am building such a community of crazy dreamers. I am calling it the Dream Accelerator.  It is a comprehensive dream collective that includes 

  • Online Training
  • Facebook MasterMind Group
  • Two-day Intensive with our Dream Accelerator Team
  • Follow-up Coaching and Accountability

All designed to help you #moveforwardanyway and realize the dream that lies latent in you! 

Get started today. Seats are limited. 

Click the green Call to Action button in the upper right hand corner and let's jump on a call to discover if this is the time to accelerate YOUR dream.

What Pursuing a Dream to Help Immigrant Mothers Build a Cooking Business Taught Me About Moving Forward Through Fear
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