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Giving Away Limited Supply of FREE Books NOW!


Listening closely and intentionally helps us see more clearly.

We all need to practice listening. We all need habits that help us gain clarity.

In order to #moveforwardanyway we need to get clear. In order to get clear, we need to stop and listen. Only then will we hear. Only then can we discern.


I am giving away a limited supply of my book for free because I believe it can help you clarify your dream and guide you to develop your own actionable plan to achieve it!

Stop delaying, doubting, or pushing that dream down the road. Get this book. Name your fear. And #moveforwardanyway!


  • Don't think you have a dream, but know there's more than what you are currently doing? This book teaches you how to listen for inspiration.
  • Have a bold aspiration, but doubt that you can pull it off? This book will help you trust it's yours. It has been given for YOU to pursue.
  • Have a bunch of great ideas, but they seem to be disconnected? This book will help you envision the future where they are all connected.

And so much more...




Overcome Delay With This Simple Step
Realizing Your Dreams Will Lead To New Discoveries

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Jeff Meyer

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