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Get Some Help Articulating YOUR Dream


It’s impossible to pursue your dream until you’ve articulated the dream so clearly that the pain of NOT pursuing the dream is greater than the potential pain of moving forward.

For the past couple of weeks I have been helping people to do just that. As I have been conducting free 30-minute Dream Discovery & 30-minute High-Resolution Demonstration Calls, this is THE #1 truth I am discovering. (You can sign-up for your free Discovery/Demonstration Calls by simply dropping me an email at

8 people in two weeks.

It's a humbling experience to listen to someone share their dream. And, an honor.

These conversations included...

  • 2 women-6 men
  • near the beginning of their career-nearing the end of their career

Dreams Include...

  • Bed and breakfast ownership
  • simplifying life
  • recording an album of original songs
  • encouraging educators by placing an Instructional Coach in every educational institution
  • writing, performing, and recording original music as a family,
  • learning to sail
  • using marketing skills from corporate America to help smaller and non-profit businesses develop effective marketing strategies to grow their ministry/ companies
  • writing children's book and an adult fiction novel
  • owning and operating a coffee shop/ brew pub

What's yours? Can you articulate it in high resolution?

Come on and join this explosion of creativity!


Quotes From The Participants

"Wow! That's a big dream. If half of that happened I could retire a happy man."

"I haven't felt this much like me in a really long time."

"That's it!! That's MY dream!"

"That's _____________'n awesome!"

"Thank you for listening to my dream and getting it so right."

"The Foundation and family legacy part of the dream you shared is brilliant!"


What I Will Be Up To In The Coming Weeks

  • Conducting Another round of Dream Discovery/ Demonstration Calls

Here's the original Facebook Post from March 1

"***Important Request*** I am looking for 5 volunteers to allow me to test a process that I am developing for our Dream Accelerator. I need 5 people who are willing to:

1) have a :30 minute Discovery Call and :30 minute Demonstration Call with me.

Discovery Call-I ask you questions about your dream, fuzzy though it may be.

Demonstration Call-I share with you a High Resolution portrait of your dream based on your Discovery Call.

In return for this gift to you, you will share you feedback with me on how I can improve the process and the deliverable of your High Resolution Portrait of your dream.

I will work with the first 5 who respond."

If you are interested in being a part of the next round, you can email me at


You can sign-up by clicking the hashtag above. For signing up you will be able to download a free chapter from my latest audio book.




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