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Families That Dream Together...


At our most recent Dream Accelerator entrepreneur workshop it became abundantly clear to me that families can dream together.

Dreams die alone. 

Most of them die before they ever start.

Some die for lack of support.

And, not one dream is realized without an alliance.

Sitting here on Thanksgiving Eve, Thinking through all of the times my dream, near death, barely limping along, on life support, was bolstered and re-energized by the fervent, unwavering belief of my wife, Amy...I am thankful.

It is true that no one can believe for you. You must fiercely believe in your own dream. But, when there is a chink in that armor, it sure does help to have someone stoke the fire of your original passion! 

I have been privileged to have the support and encouragement of many people throughout the past few years as my dream of helping people realize theirs crystalized. Yet, my greatest supporter has been Amy. 

If you are married, can I give you some advice? 


Let them in on your dream as soon as you can. Ask them to consider what role they could play in helping you achieve it. What skills and abilities do they have that could offset yours? Give them plenty of space to consider what you probably have been thinking about for a long time, silently. Allow them to help you think through next steps. You must pursue it together.

Perhaps the first step in choosing to #moveforwardanyway in spite of fear, is embracing the hesitancy you feel when it comes to sharing your dream WITH YOUR LIFE PARTNER, and choose to share it with them anyway.

In our most recent Dream Accelerator, (an entrepreneur workshop) we were privileged to have a husband and wife come together. They both participated in the Dream Accelerator working on their own, independent dreams. It was so cool! For years the wife had only considered how she could help her husband pursue his dream. And, might I add, she was completely content in doing so. There was no bitterness or envy or longing on her part to do anything but support her husband. Her devotion is a beautiful thing.

But something happened to her as she watched her husband go through our Dream Discovery process. She began wondering how she could use her gifts and skills that she was using to support her husband in a broader way.

How could she take what she was already doing and good at, and use it to bless the world...and, not just her husband?

Near the end of this man's process to enroll in the Dream Accelerator, he asked his wife, "Maybe you should do a Dream Discovery call with Jeff."

So we did.

To go through our Dream Accelerator together for one person's dream is awesome. To go through it together for both dreams is family transforming!

A bonus happened that day. This couple brought their son with them to our entrepreneur workshop. One of the father's greatest limiting beliefs around his dream was that pursuing his dream was taking time away from his son. But, at the Dream Accelerator, his son heard dad's dream and began to think about how they could do it together. They have now begun testing out material for his book with some video story sharing. The dad knew nothing about YOuTube. the boy already had a YouTube channel! I think of it as a father-son podcast of sorts. They storyboard and test it out. Dad is making progress on his dream. And the son is sharpening his story-telling skills too.

Imagine what this decision to come together will mean for generations to come.

That's how it works with dreams. They are contagious.

If you are burying your dream beneath the fear of sharing it with your partner or your family, may I encourage you to come out with it.

If talking with me can help you, let's jump on a call together. (Click This To Schedule YOUR FREE CALL)

Perhaps you going public with your dream will spark a dream for your partner. How fun would that be?

Remember, most dreams die before they ever begin. Don't let your dream die alone. This might be the first step you need to take to #moveforwardanyway.

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