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Essential Missional Behaviors: The Art of Obedience


Leaders act. They obey.

Taking the next step, they understand that nothing happens with good intentions alone. 

As we follow Jesus, he will ask us to DO some things that push us beyond our experience.  We will be launched into new territory. Acting, obeying is a one of the essential missional behaviors.

I know that my natural response to this pushing in my own life is to talk myself out of it.  I call this my “second voice.”

I am learning to follow through on the “first voice.”  You might call this “The Art of Obeying” and it is essential to the missional life.

God puts someone’s name in my mind, and I have the strong sense that I’m supposed to call.


I see someone as I pull into my neighborhood, and I know I’m supposed to stop and say “Hi”, but I really want to just get home.

Stop, and say “Hi.”

During the reflection time in a study on Sunday morning I get this strong urge to respond to what I’m learning by praying more fervently and regularly for someone.


In the middle of a conversation God puts a question in my heart that I should ask that might “stir things up.”


I am learning to see obedience as a Spirit-directed, Spirit-empowered response to God’s nudgings. In that sense, I am discovering that obedience is not a fearful burden placed on me by someone who wants me to behave a certain way.

Obedience, rather, is a gift from a loving God who invites me to participate in what He is doing.  It's an invitation. And, who doesn't love an invitation to the party? Even though I obey sometimes out of obligation (reluctantly) God sets my spirit free through the act of obeying.  The Art of Obedience is a precious gift.

I would love for you to experience this gift for yourself. That's why I created an online gallery called Joyful Obedience. It's the perfect time to join the collective of apprentices who want to unhook themselves from the weight and obligation of the Christian journey. 

From now, through the end of the 2017 you can join this online cohort that launches on January 22nd for a savings of $20.


Click on this link to learn more.  See you on the inside.

Click Here to Learn More About January's Joyful Obedience Cohort, Hurry! Registration Closes Soon. 




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