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Enjoy Change & Embrace Uncertainty With This Formula

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"How do I manage change?"

Stop trying to manage it!

You can enjoy change. You can embrace uncertainty.

But, how?

In our missional leader curriculum we train Christian leaders to deal with change. One of the modules we use is called "Beginner's Mind". In order to Fear Not, Dream Big & Execute we must learn how to activate a child-like curiosity. We must regain the capacity we once had to explore. And, the people we lead will need support in activating that curiosity too. We can help them "find comfort in the ambiguity, optimize learning in the uncertainty, and unleash creativity in the uncharted territory."

But, before we can help THEM, we must learn how to activate that child-like curiosity for ourselves.

Here's an insight from a friend, Bill Kirst:

When I am struggling with change, I remind myself of how the most vulnerable populations - children - manage change on a daily basis. They approach it with child-like curiosity and wonder...and they ask "Why?" a lot. Yes, kids say the darnedest things, but they can also teach us a few things when it comes to dealing with change. They approach the world assuming positive intent, they seek to learn at every turn, they wonder how things work and want to know why things happen. They want to imagine and make new things and ultimately delight others - parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and pets. 

What if we as professionals and adults took a similar approach and used a similar equation when faced with change: 

assume positive intent  +  seek to learn at every turn  +  wonder how  +  ask why  +  imagine possibilities  +  create opportunities  +  delight others = CHANGE


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