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Discover Your Dream With This Simple 20-minute Brainstorming Exercise

discover your dream

Many believe that dreams are only for others. I beg to differ. Instead of dismissing the notion that you have a dream, why not try this simple exercise to discover your dream?

It only takes 20-minutes.

If you want to skip through this 3 minute video and jump right to my guided exercise...


Here's the link!



Let me know what you discover.



Video Transcription

Things that are worthwhile take time and intentionality.

Those who want to achieve a dream, realize a goal ,have to work at it, right? Those who have achieved great things have had to persevere and really work at it.

One of the things that I do for clients in my business is a real simple brainstorming exercise. It takes 20 minutes.

But, it takes 20 minutes.! I am amazed at how few people actually want to spend the 20 minutes doing it.

The brainstorming exercise that I use had its genesis because I found that a lot of people don't believe they have a dream. They don't believe that they can do a vision exercise or think about the future. They think that's for someone else, someone special, someone exceptional.

I developed the exercise to help people realize that all of us, every single one of us, has a dream. We all have ideas about the future that we'd like to pursue. But, it takes time and effort and thoughtful introspection to be able to accomplish it, realize it.

So, I'm asking you in this video: Can you spend 20 minutes? Would you have interest in stopping and just thinking about your own life and your own future?

Set aside some time. Do the exercise. I've got a link at the end of this video, and it's offered to you free of charge. You just got to click the link, put it in your browser and have at it. Have some fun with it. Take some thoughtful time thinking about your future, thinking about what you want to accomplish.

What is your bucket list items and what goals do you want to achieve this year? [All these things in this exercise.] It's a simple exercise. Not easy, but simple.

Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks for watching. Talk to you next time. Have a great day.

Link To The Brainstorming Exercise


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