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Create Something. The World Needs It...NOW!


People are feeling stuck right now. Others are using this time to create new, hopeful, and life-giving content. Right NOW is potentially THE most creative season ever. Quoting that wise philosopher Rafiki,

"It is time!"

If you are stuck, I would love to help you get unstuck and get your hope-inducing content into the world. Watch my latest YouTube video to see how. ...And, let's chat.



Video Transcript

"Practice what you preach". 

That is an insult for a preacher. Insinuated there is that we don't put into practice what we say and teach others to put into practice. Someone asked me recently, "Do you do all the things in your book?"  The answer is yes.

And then there are those times when I forget to do what I encourage others to do and suffer for. There's an example recently in my life. At the beginning of 2019 I did regular content with videos 90 days in a row.  It was amazing the interaction, and just putting it out there.

We teach this idea of "putting it out there" in our Dream Accelerator to help them move forward and get unstuck in pursuing their dreams. We call this the MVP, the minimally viable product. Get out that minimally viable product so people can test it. You can test it. You can engage people with it. Don't wait till it's perfect, because you can put something out there that is perfect and no one's going to buy it. No one's going to jump at it. No one's going to benefit from it, because they're not going to use it.

So get out your minimally viable products and see which ones really help.

So, I stopped putting that into practice. This preacher didn't practice what he was preaching. And I suffered for it. I wasn't constant in putting out content. I wasn't consistent. I lost credibility. I lost connection with people. I lost the confidence that comes in putting stuff out there.

Recently, I've contracted with a company to help me be more accountable with videos in marketing. I am excited that that decision is going to build some more accountability for me to get out some MVP.

What I'd like to do on this video is this:  if you're watching this and you have an idea, you have some sort of product or something that you'd like to put out in the world, but you're afraid that it's not good enough, or you're afraid it's not perfect enough and you've been holding off on it, I'd like to just offer myself for 15 to 30 minute call,...completely free.

Jump on a call with me and let's do some brainstorming about how to get your MVP out there. And let's get it out.

Maybe just talking to me can create some accountability and a little spark in your life to get that out.

Email me at and let's set up a time to talk. 

You can also click the link below and actually schedule a call with me. No strings attached, just offered free, to help you get unstuck and get an MVP out in the world. Because your dream needs to live. 

Schedule A Free Call With Me

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