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A "Fear Not Dream Big & Execute" Story

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I am excited to introduce you to my friend, Colin.

He has a dream to share stories of the persecuted church using video technology. I met with Colin last week for lunch to hear about his dream. This video is an example of his story-telling skills. In the video below he tells the story of his aunt and uncle. What a testimony of God's power and grace. Thank you, Colin! Keep pursuing your dream!

After lunch last week Colin made a commitment to produce more content and begin to share it with his audience. It was a clear NEXT STEP in realizing his dream. I am honored that he let me share this story here.

Colin is another reason why I am publishing my book Fear Not Dream Big & Execute


Origin Of A Book
What Pursuing a Dream to Help Immigrant Mothers Build a Cooking Business Taught Me About Moving Forward Through Fear

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