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3 Ways To Overcome Expertise Syndrome


Expertise syndrome is real. The drive to be seen as the expert is crippling. I've had to train myself to hit send. The copy of my book to the publisher. The video post. This blog post. The sermon. Even the Facebook Live videos. It still takes a deep breath to push the "Go Live" button. I fall victim to "expertise syndrome." 

Many of us don't share our ideas, our insights, our dreams, because we don't feel like we're an expert. Can we #moveforwardanyway when this is true about us? YES!

You can actually make an impact, even when you don't feel like an expert. What can you do when you think that what you have to share isn't worth sharing? What are your go-to strategies to #moveforwardanyway when you believe that people aren't goin to look at your idea as valuable because you believe you're not an expert?

Today I'd like to share three ways to make an impact even when you don't feel like an expert.


Reframe your sharing with a fresh dose of curiosity. Think "I wonder" instead of "I hope that".  Embrace the idea of experimenting.  Experiment with sharing, Tear the Band-Aid off and put your idea out there for the world to see, with no concern about what they will do with it. Practice experimentation frequently with all kinds of different ideas. Then, with a curious spirit, observe, pay attention to what happens. Don't throw out your ideas before you share them because you think they're too small. You just never know which idea will stick. Or which idea will get traction. Keep trying.

I'm finding that even the things I think are the smallest and most insignificant things sometimes are the things that help unlock creativity for people, unlock an insight for someone. Don't minimize what you have to share. If something has impacted you, has made you sit up and pay attention, then experiment with sharing it. 


Instead of worrying about how your idea will be received, or entertaining the self-defeating talk in your head about not being an expert, take an interest in someone else. Focus on listening to others instead of worrying about what YOU have to share. So, in the sharing, in the posting, in putting a blog post out there, ask powerful questions. Sit with people. Ask them about their insights.  You will discover a lot of things that you can share from those conversations. In a sense, you will be developing your expertise by listening to the input of others.

Focus on listening more than you focus on sharing or speaking, or getting your expert opinion out into the world.  That will take the pressure of being an expert off of you. You'll begin to notice that people will want to talk to you. And..they'll want to listen to you because they know that you care about them. Make sense?

Practice Generosity

Think generosity, not perfection.

Frequently in our sharing we hesitate because we're trying to get it all perfect before we share it.

Put aside that perfectionist tendency and just think about what you can give. What can you share? What can you offer? Share it generously.  Put it out there liberally.

Consider this idea: what you have to share is a gift. Some will receive it. Some will not. Doesn't matter. The ones who will embrace it, use it, consider it, will never have the chance if you don't offer it. Follow through on the nudge to share it. And, share it generously.

So, that's how I encourage you today to make an impact when you don't feel like an expert.

Experiment with sharing, listen, and practice generosity, not perfection. Let me know what you think.

Now it's your turn. And, I really am interested in your thoughts on this topic. How would you encourage me to make an impact even when I don't feel like an expert? What would you say? I'd love to see your comments. Share them generously.

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