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3 "To-Do's" As You Wait...for your dream.


Waiting is hard. Some say it is the hardest part.

If you have a dream, but present circumstances are keeping you from pursuing it, it is easy to be lulled into the waiting game.

Here's the reality. Dreams don't just magically appear. They are pursued. To those who act, to those who execute, are given the spoils.

In my work of building the Dream Accelerator I am discovering that every person I  have talked to has a dream (big or small, it doesn't matter). Yet, only about 60% are willing to actually work to achieve it. The other 40% are content to wait. They feel trapped by present circumstances. They consider themselves helpless because their current reality "won't allow the dream to materialize." All they can do is wait for the circumstances to change.

For those of you who are in this predicament and waiting for change, change your predicament.

Not enough money? Not enough time? Not clear enough? The boss won't let you? Too many current responsibilities? Wife/ husband isn't on board? Stage of life not right to pursue it? 

Try these suggestions:

Write Our What You Are Waiting For

Utilizing your most creative, precise language, spell it out. Describe what you are waiting for and how you expect to feel when it arrives. Use your most vivid language. Make the dream come alive.

Then, go through the description and pull out the 4 or 5 most important points you want to remember. Bullet point them. Place the bullet points below the narrative.

If you have trouble doing this, or would like a boost, schedule a Dream Discovery Call with me. This is exactly what we do on the 30 -minute Zoom call.

It's fun. It's powerful. It's free. 

Schedule My Dream Discovery Call!

Use The Dream To Set Some Goals You Can Execute Right Now

Don't allow any adverse circumstances in the present be an excuse. Actively pursue the dream right now. As you look at what you wrote down in the step above, think about the one or two things you could do right now as a first step. Look at those steps as an experiment if it helps. Part of the reason waiting is so hard is because you spend most of your time in your head and not acting with your feet. So, decide to DO SOMETHING to move in that direction TODAY!

Appreciate The Present

Your life is more about the journey than it is about the destination. See the value in what is right in front of you. You may miss something really important if all you are focused on is a destination way out beyond the horizon. Yes, it is important sometimes to glance at the destination, but without a relentless FOCUS on what is right in front of you, we will languish and die in the waiting. So, TODAY, sometime before you put your head on the pillow, write something down in your journal, or your planner that you appreciate about the day.

Where did you experience beauty? Where did you experience love? How were you blessed? Cared for? When did you experience unexpected joy? What did you learn? What new insight did you discover? Where did TRUTH pierce your soul?

Write it down. Take a moment to celebrate life.

When you take these three steps, you will begin surrendering your future to the ONE who owns the future, and stop waiting passively for something to happen. You will also be choosing to act. And who knows, that acting may just take you where you are waiting to go.

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