My Motivation

I am a strategic-entrepreneur who is motivated by:

The Question

Great aspirations are discovered through persistent and courageous inquiry.

The Story

Great aspirations attract and inspire other great ideas which, in turn, yield a grand narrative.

The Risk

Great aspirations become substantive with intentional and timely gambles.

My Invitation

What must you do NOW to #moveforwardanyway?

OK, you've put it off long enough. Don't settle a day longer drifting along in life's current.

Let's work together to discover and eliminate the forces that are keeping you stuck.

My Achievements


2019 Author Academy Awards Finalist

The Author Academy Awards is an award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry. Join us as we award the 2019 winners via livestream!

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90 Second Synopsis at the Author Academy Awards


Words of Praise For Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute


People from all walks of life are benefitting from this book. Fear is being overwhelmed by clarity and courage. 


Lynn Schoener

Owner, Executive, & Team Coach

Jeff is a masterful consultant, with an intuitive sense of when to challenge and when to encourage. An extraordinarily deep thinker, Jeff asks powerful questions that empower others to discover their truth and design the best path forward.


Craig Mellendorf

SFC Estate Coaching

Seven months after Jeff Meyer's Dream Accelerator, my company is on track to double last year's revenue. We are expanding into three new states. We have 4 new people working with us. We are excited about what the future holds. We are just scratching the surface and feel confident that using the training and techniques learned through the sessions with Jeff, we are going to be growing for many years to come.


Anneke Hudson

Author: Bevilacqua, Business Owner, Mom

I didn’t think there was anyone who would even know how to help us get to the next step. Jeff was able to adapt and help us find our unique places as leaders, without imposing the "what WE did’" burden.


Scott Rische

Director, PLI International

Jeff is a gifted leader and visionary committed to the work of God's Kingdom, and to multiplying disciples, disciple makers, disciple-making leaders, and disciple-making churches. He is dedicated to living and leading according to God's Word, and is a courageous leader that is well respected by those with whom he works and influences.


Bryan Thompson

Business Executive

Jeff is one of the most gifted and articulate public speakers I know. His passionate and engaging style, combined with his unique ability to boil the complex down to the basics. What's more, his visionary leadership style is igniting a revolution and waking up many to the transformational powers of Jesus. Follow Jeff! He's on fire.


My Story in My Words

I am thrilled when people are sparked to dream. My life's purpose is to help people acknowledge their fear and limiting beliefs, and boldly pursue their NEXT anyway. Through reframing negative chatter and learning to take the next step, others are embracing their personal invitation to #moveforwardanyway.


I would like to invite you to explore the ways you blur your vision and cripple your momentum. Debilitating beliefs might be keeping you from exercising your God-given call as a co-creator.


You can activate your dream by reading my book, attending my one-of-a-kind entrepreneur workshop called the Dream Accelerator, or by working with me in one of my personal life coach programs.

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