Spark Your Dream

Uncertainty, risk, and weakness (perceived and real) are basic ingredients of any dream. These realities can also spark fear.



I am a coach, author, and spiritual leader who helps people with dreams



Three Ways To Spark Your Dream


Jeff's Book

Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute

This book is a dream field guide. Full of actionable exercises, this must-have tool kit is much more than information about dreams and their pursuit. It is a must-have resource that will launch you forward.

You will be introduced to the Dream Circle and Realization Circle. Call it your own personal map to realize your dream. We like to refer to it as our #moveforwardanyway Formula.

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 Jeff's Program

Dream Accelerator


More than an informational transaction, our one-of-a-kind design features ensure that TRANSFORMATION is the result. 

  • One-day, Onsite Workshop-Nov. 1st
    Concordia University  Wisconsin, Mequon, WI            Explode your confidence with this highly interactive, high-touch, hands-on, event. It is packed with experiential learning facilitated by our team of dream experts. 
  • Facebook Community                              Enjoy complimentary access to our Facebook group include insights, encouragement, and ongoing answers to potentially dream-stopping questions that you will encounter on the way. 

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Jeff's Coaching

1:1 Dream Coaching

At one point or another, each of us gets stuck. We need an interested and invested partner to help us open the door to a bright future. If you are stuck, working with a coach can help you unlock your potential.

If you would like to schedule an Intro Call with Jeff to explore your coachable issue . If you would like to discover how establishing a coaching relationship would help you move forward,  click on the button below and schedule a call.

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For a limited time, you can get get a physical copy of my book. Yes, an actual hold-it-in-your-hand, real-life copy of my dream field guide! Just click the button.

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Jeff is a masterful consultant, with an intuitive sense of when to challenge and when to encourage. An extraordinarily deep thinker, Jeff asks powerful questions that empower others to discover their truth and design the best path forward.


Lynn Schoener Owner, Executive, & Team Coach

Seven months after Jeff Meyer's Dream Accelerator, my company is on track to double last year's revenue. We are expanding into three new states. We have 4 new people working with us. We are excited about what the future holds. We are just scratching the surface and feel confident that using the training and techniques learned through the sessions with Jeff, we are going to be growing for many years to come. 
Craig Mellendorf

Craig Mellendorf SFC Estate Coaching

I didn’t think there was anyone who would even know how to help us get to the next step.  Jeff was able to adapt and help us find our unique places as leaders, without imposing the "what WE did’" burden.
Anneke Hudson

Anneke Hudson Author: Bevilacqua, Business Owner, Mom