Jul 2, 2019 1:40:29 PM

The Land Of The Free


Freedom. We American's love it! We sing it with gusto: the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

Yet, many of us are not living free. We are trapped by our own insecurities, timidity, and external pressures. 

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Jun 21, 2019 11:16:02 AM

Set YOUR Dream Free With The Simple Practice Of A Positive Reframe Like #moveforwardanyway


The journey toward the realization of our dreams is easily cluttered with limiting beliefs.

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Jun 10, 2019 7:26:00 AM

3 "To-Do's" As You Wait...for your dream.

Waiting is hard. Some say it is the hardest part.

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May 30, 2019 6:20:43 AM

Realizing Your Dreams Will Lead To New Discoveries

Do you remember the game show, Let's Make a Deal? Some of the stuff behind Door #1 was absolute junk. And sometimes, the contestant made the right call and won big. Without the risk of declaring which door they wanted to be opened, however, the lucky contestant would never have discovered what new treasures existed behind the door.

There's a lesson for all of us dream makers.

 (Remember Lesson 1? Realizing your dream can produce something in this world that is distinctly you.)

Lesson 2: Realizing your dream can open the door to a whole new world.

New opportunities. New discoveries. New knowledge. New relationships. And, perhaps the most joy-giving reality of all, new creations. (Products, offerings, music, books, art, services, etc....)

All of these will be missed if you don't try, right?


The Enemy of Your Dream is DOUBT



If you fixate on the risk of failure because you doubt the dream's probability or your ability to pull it off, the door will not open. You will miss the new. You will get what you've always gotten.



Instead, why not spend an equal amount of time considering the risk if you don't pursue your dream? What will you miss out on? What new experiences will you never have?


Only then will you feel the pain of NOT going for it.


So, go ahead and make a list of the risks if you don't pursue your dream.


Or, sign up for your FREE 30 minute Dream Discovery and Dream Demonstration Calls and let's talk about it. 

In the 30 minute Dream Discovery Calls I ask you about your dream, and begin to help you clarify it, narrow it, sort it out, even discover it. If you don't have a dream, but you know there is something more for you than what you are currently experiencing. If you want to take your idea, or something you have been working on to a new level, this quick call will help accelerate your dream.


You can schedule yours here.


Here's to the new discoveries on YOUR dream pursuit.

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May 24, 2019 12:01:34 PM

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